Irish Passports & Renewals


Before you begin the process of applying for an Irish passport, make sure you are eligible to apply.

Irish passports may only be issued to persons who are citizens of Ireland. The most common ways in which people can demonstrate citizenship are:

  • They were born in Ireland (or Northern Ireland)
  • They have a parent who was born in Ireland
  • They have gained Irish citizenship through naturalisation
  • They have gained Irish citizenship through foreign birth registration
  • They gained post-nuptial Irish citizenship, i.e. through their spouse, prior to the removal of this option in 2004


The following table may help to explain the situation:

[table id=6 /]

Irish Passport renewals

Please consult with our office in regard to expected processing time.
Foreign Birth Registration (FBR)

Can take up to 1 year to be approved.


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