Birth & Marriage Certificates


An unabridged birth certificate is a certificate of birth showing both the applicants parents details (Home Affairs locates the original birth registration document and all details from this document are placed on the unabridged birth certificate) .

The unabridged birth certificate is a computer printout and the document can be apostilled or legalised.

When will you require an unabridged Birth Certificate?

  • Emigration purposes
  • Visas for certain countries
  • New requirement for minors traveling out of South Africa


Processing time

+/- 8 weeks – depending on how easily the records are located in the archives.



Dependent on the number of certificates required.
Please email us on for a detailed quote.

A vault copy of a  birth certificate is a copy of the actual birth registration form when the birth was first registered. These copies are usually needed to prove the right to citizenship or a passport  I.e British Passport


Processing Time

To expedite the application through our outsourced company

+/- 5 weeks – depending on how easily the records are located in the archives.



Dependent on the number of certificates required.
Please email us on for a detailed quote.

Unabridged marriage certificates are proof that two people have been joined in matrimony and that the marriage ceremony is legally binding. Some authorities consider a marriage to be an official record that denotes that both individuals have participated in a partnership and this includes jurisdictions where wedding licenses do not exist. Other places see an unabridged marriage certificate as providing a double function-first and foremost making sure that your nuptials are permissible and also documenting that this marriage has been witnessed by eligible spectators. If you need to obtain an unabridged marriage certificate then just simply download the current document. If you encounter any problems with the downloading process or the format that this unabridged marriage certificate is in then just get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

Please Note: All marriages that occurred between the years 1994 and 2015 require the DHA-30 or BI-30 (Marriage Register) in addition to the DHA130 Application Form. Please request and obtain a copy from the marriage officer or priest.
The DHA/BI-30 is the form that you were issued by the registrar or priest. It consists of your signatures along with the signatures of the priest/registrar and the witnesses who attended the wedding. Without a DHA/BI-30 we will unfortunately not be able to procure the document at all. In order for the unabridged marriage certificate process to run as smoothly as possible it is imperative that the BI-30/DHA-30 copies are clearly legible. The BI-27 is not  acceptable or sufficient.

The General Register Office holds a central copy of all birth, adoption, marriage, civil partnership and death registrations for England and Wales. This service allows you to search our historical birth and death indexes and order copies of registrations in a variety of formats including certificates, PDFs and Multilingual Standard Forms via the government’s own official website. Contact SA Travelbug for a quote.

Minors traveling

The New Immigration Regulation dictates that children require valid passport and UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATES when travelling.

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