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SA Travelbug offers distinct advantages for our clients:

We have been operational since 2002 and believe in the personal touch, so you will always have someone at your side throughout the process ensuring you receive professional, personal advice, helping you to make informed decisions and providing a truly personal service. If you have an enquiry or anything is unclear, we are only a phone call or email away to assist you throughout the process.
We are able to assist you to obtain all the necessary supporting documentation, ensuring your application stands the best chance of success.

We are proud that seekteachers.com have chosen SA Travelbug as their South African document attesting partner.  We have offered this service to our Client’s for over 12years, as it is normal for overseas employers to require that you have your Marriage/Birth Certificates, Degrees/Tertiary qualifications legalized by their Embassy, when you make your application for employment.


Generally for certificates to be attested you need to submit your Certificates to the High Court, Relevant Department governing your profession, then the Relevant Department of Foreign Affairs / Embassy and then when notified collect your Attested Certificates.

There are subtle differences in the steps to be followed for each type of certificate and for each profession to have their Certificates attested.

By way of example, below is the steps we would take to have a Teacher’s Certificates attested.

  1.  Submit your Certificate to the Notary Attorney at the High Court
  2.  Then to the Department of Higher Education
  3.  Then the Department of Foreign Affairs / DIRCO
  4.  Then the relevant Embassy
  5.  Finally return your Attested Certificates to you via courier / Postnet

The SA Travelbug way to have your Certificates Attested:

  1.  Complete the short Form (to the right of this column) and you will  receive a quote and instructions.
  2.  Follow these instructions to send your original documents to our Head Office.
  3.  We submit to the relevant departments on your behalf and send  your Attested Certificates back to you, providing you with a  simple hassle free service.

Please keep in mind that the UAE and Qatar Embassies in South Africa, will now only attest Qualifications/Certificates obtained in South Africa i.e. for the UAE and Qatar you need to apply for attestation in the country in which you obtained your qualification or received your certificates.

Conversely, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in South Africa, will attest your qualifications/certificates, irrespective of which country they were issued in.

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Our preferred agency for teachers seeking overseas opportunities is Seekteachers who have an agent in South Africa, who is a leading consultant for international teaching jobs providing you with all the information you require to ensure a smooth transition.  They can be contact by email or by phone on +27 11 566 1337.